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We as Irmaklar Transport, provide complete and partial international land transportation services between Turkey, Europe, Middle East, and the Turkic Republics with our supplier fleet.

Irmaklar Transport is your partner in the Iraq market, where such a partner was required since a long time. Project and cargo freights for tradesmen, government, and USA soldiers will be loaded by our experienced staff from the port or the customs warehouse till the final destination, and all these will happen without facing any problems. We also provide transportation services and special escort services in Iraq.

Irmaklar is your solution partner for secure logistics coordination in Afghanistan during the construct process. We organize transshipments via Karachi- Pakistan, Port Quasim, Islamkale-Iran, Georgia- Azerbaijan – Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan with multimodal transportation. Container supply for the security of the transportation is materialized with our own containers.
We provide services to all the Middle East states like Dubai- Bahrain- Saudi Arabia- Syria- Kuwait- Amman.

We provide services to the Turkic Republics: Kazakhstan- Uzbekistan- Turkmenistan- Georgia- Azerbaijan.
We provide complete and partial import-export services to all Europe.

We provide home delivery transportation to ports for export, and for export retours with our domestic container transportation services. 

We are licensed to transport waste with TSE, Ministry of Environment and Health licenses and approved vehicles.