About Us

IRMAK TİCARET was established in 1994 as a family concern. Our company had been operating in transport, export and jewelry industry until the year 2003. During this period, the company had obtained serious experiences particularly in the transport business.

In the year 2003, the company entered this sector with experienced, equipped and sound steps under business name Irmaklar International Transport, Import and Export Limited Company.

Irmaklar Company has become capable to achieve it targets within a short time by providing reliable, fast and quality transport services with the 45 refrigerated and taut liner vehicles it has put on the international roads adopting timely and problem-free delivery principle. It has become the choice of the producers, manufacturers, importers and exporters doing business with Iraq, Turkic Republics and Balkan Countries.

Irmaklar is one of the leading carriers of glassware, furniture, electrics and foodstuffs and is in the same time an actual exporter of these products. Our company has become one of the links of the trade chain linking Turkey, China and Iraq. Irmaklar is also providing transshipment transport and private escort services to the Arab regions from Zakho.

Through its offices based in Zakho, Nusaybin and Erbil, Irmaklar is one of the prominent transporters which provide comprehensive transport services from production until end user. Thus, Irmaklar is one of the most organized transport companies in the world as it can ensure transport of cargos heading for Nusaybin by railways to the Iraqi territories. Irmaklar is providing special security to have cargoes bound for Iraq delivered in reliable, safe, problem free, fast and with high quality. Moreover, our company provides customs clearance services for transport activities after Nusaybin.

Irmaklar which continues its services by experienced truck drivers and customs clearance personnel in the worldwide standards, follows and implements all necessary steps to gain customer’s satisfaction at the highest level. Thus, the company becomes a good example for the other transport companies.

We are aware that what we are doing is not a mere transport business. We are aware that we are doing more than that as we are contributing in the development of our country and reflecting its standing amongst the countries of the world. Irmaklar considers international transport as a sort of representation of our country. Acting with this awareness and showing this care take us to higher ranks.

In the process from producer to exporter, from importer to end user, we are as close a phone to you to provide you with our best and problem-free logistic services.